Tokyo Vipassanā Meditation Dojo


Vipassanā is one of the oldest meditation methods in India. It was lost for long time, but around 2,500 years ago Gotama Siddhartha(Buddha) established it and has descended till today.
Generally in Buddhism Samatha medition that calms the minds and Vippassana meditation that observe to see the things as they are practiced.

Vipassanā meaning to observe the things as they are is a method to filter oneself through observation.  Meditation starts to observe his/her natural breathing by concentrating his/her mind. Sharpening the consciousness clearly then observing the changes of mind and body.  Through this self-observation you will be self-purifying yourself by experiencing transience and non-self.
Vipassanā is not for escaping the realities by sinking into imaginary worlds or experiencing something mysterious or gaining special powers. And it is not ideologies or isms or a religion to worship some specific gods or buddhas.  It is a practice to leave sufferings coming from daily habits and customs, and live right this moment happily.

It will work for peaceful mind, less stress, strength concentration and endurance, better sleeping, healthy body, healing sickness, better personality, lessening evil, revolting and hate mind, establishing identity, overcoming complexes, happiness and contentment, purifying spirt and mind, and others.

It is practiced daily among the common people, not just by Buddhism monks in Asia receiving a lot of benefits from the meditation. S.N. Goenka in India and U Ba Kin in Myanmar spread the Vipassanā meditation worldwide.

In Japan the Vipassanā meditation can be learned in the Japan Vipassanā Association, University of Koyasan, Theravada Buddhist Churches, and Green Hill Meditation Center, etc.

Instructor Profile

Rev.Jisho Shizuka

Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Monk, Master of Esoteric Study in Univ. of Koyasan.
Born in 1978 Seiryoin Temple in Koyasan, Wakayama.
Graduate of Rakunan High school and Kyoto Prefectural Univ. International Culture Study. Resided till year of 2008 in Univ. of Koyasan, doctoral course of Esoteric Buddhism study.

Between 2003 and 2006 resided as Shingon Buddhism Missionary monk in Los Angeles Koyasan Temple and Seattle Koyasan Temple.
During the time participated were Loyola College and American Academy of Religion.

In January 2008, he received the teaching of Vipassanā Chennai, India.
In April he finished the full course of Vipassanā Meditation in Kyoto Dharma Center.
In December Tokyo Vipassanā Meditation Dojo opened. Currently resided in Koyasan.

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