Koyasan Next-1000-Year Festival




2015 August 8th(Sat) and 9th(Sun) ※no postponement for rain

The blog below will be updating the performers and info.

Koyasan Recreation Center, Tenjikuyama Koen Park(Shinrin Koen Park)

より大きな地図で 高野山転軸山公園 を表示
Guideline for applicants

Performers and participants wanted
In Koyasan 1000-Year Festival everybody is a performer to bring the festival energy up, no line between the performers and the audience.

Don't be a spectator. Be Performer!
Dancing fools and watching fools. Same fools, why not dancing?
Koyasan 1000-Year Festival is for the artists who can be actively participate. Street performers, outrageous expositions, music, dance, even costume playing are fine arts. Expand your imagination widely. This palace is the stage to express yourself fully.

Liberate your ideas. Gain profit!
Once you pay the ticket, whatever you do is free except for illegal activities. All profits you make from event booths, street shops, any sales, workshops, etc. are yours. It is very possile to gain extra profit after the ticket fee. All your daily training , ideas and crafts with your compassion will be rewarded.
Join us!

Performers and participants both need to be Registered on the day or advanced.The advanced has priority in any case. If you need big preparation or some arrangements, contact us first and show your details.

【Ticket Prices】
At the door (two days) : 3,500 yen per person
Advanced registration : 3,000 yen per person
Staff members : Free of charge (need to be registered beforehand)

Koyasan Town residents : Free of charge (need to show ID, such as driver's license)
Elementary schoolers or younger, older than 65: Free of charge(need to show ID)

10 tickets: 25,000 yen
100 tickets: 200,000 yen
1,000 tickets or more: negotiable

500 yen per ticket will be donated to the enviromental maintenance fund of the Town of Koya.
All proceeds go to Bodhi-tree volunteer activites.
*16,408 yen donated in 2011 was sent to the aid for the recovery for the East Japan Great Earthquake. 2012's donation went to the recovery aid for Wakayama typhoon 12.In 2015's donation goes to Nepal Great Earthquake recovery.
Staff Members Wanted We're recruiting operational staff members. The members are free of charge to participate and have a priority to use the Second Loghouse(two buildings, four two-story beds).
We work together on production, planning, advertising, preparation, operation, security, so on. We also work on set-ups, placing, the festival eve party and after the event clean-ups.
Vitalize your own possibilities, respecting each other, encouraging, enjoying and sometimes energizing. Let's share your best smiles and moving impressions.
Contact Shizuka for any inquiry of Koyasan Next-1000-Year Festival

TEL : 81+090-7751-1003
Email : shizuka_akio@yahoo.co.jp
FAX : 81+343-337-994

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