Tokyo Vipassanā Meditation Dojo

Monthly Meditation

Schedule and place

Our dojo plans that anybody can do the meditation practice living in daily lives.
The place and dates will be informed on the following blog.

First timers are to aim to finish 10(+1) times or 10(+1) days of practice by coming to the dojo, not necessary to be ten consecutive times. Practice your own till the next lecture.
Fee 3,000 yen per day
10 Codes

Keep the following 10 Codes in the dojo.
Not to kill:  We do not kill any living conscientiously.
Not to steal: We do not take anything that is not belong to us.
Not to indulge in sex: We do not have sexual misconducts.
Not to play with words: We do not rumor.
Not to lie: We do not lie.
Not to speak badly: We do not use rough words.
Not to use words makes trouble: We do not use any word to cause troubles to others.
Not to indulge: We do not desire, or not to be greedy.
Not to anger: We do not anger or hate.
Not to percieve wrong: We do not have wrong understandings.

Self-observations Inside the dojo speaking is not allowed.
Also other communications using eye contact or body languages not allowed. That is to make efforts to observe yourself and not to disturb other participants' practices. Practice even among your acquaintances.
Documents The documents for the day will be delivered at the end of the practice. Go over it at home.
Counselling with the instructor

Counsel with the instructor of the problems and questions related to the meditation. We'll spare some time for Q and A at the end of the lecture.

* The dojo is the private practice place for the participants and the monk. Anybody can join, but it will not replace the lectures at the Japan Vipassana Association, lectures at the Koyasan University, or others.
Donation The meditation practice is run by participant's donations.
All participants make donations according to your capabilities and feeling in order to share what you learned with others.
If you need receipt, let us know.

We'd like to hear your opinions, impressions, questions, requests or others in order to make better meeting for all.
If you wish our lectures dates and events, let us know.

Phone: +819077511003
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