Tokyo Vipassanā Meditation Dojo

Behavior of Koyasan Meditation Retreat

Mind setting

Vippasana is a technique that individuals are positively to contact to and help the societies. It is a mind cleaning filter to purify hardships or problems from the daily living by facing them with calm mind and balanced attitudes.
As you practice, you will be released from the bad habits of responding and resisting with troubled mind from pleasant and unpleasant senses which create tightly bound points and daily stresses.

Our purpose is to experience ultimate truths. As your mind is purified, you are sometimes healed from sickness originated by the troubled mind.
Self purification process is not easy and needs lots of efforts to achieve. To achieve "Know" by self experience by self observation is nothing but your own efforts. Nobody else can do it for you. Whoever can seriously make efforts and keep the rules will be welcomed.
Five Precepts: Sila

Bases of Vipassana is Sila. Sila leads to Samadhi(mind concentration), and brings to prajñā (wisdom and forseeing) through mind purification.
During the retreat keep the following Sila(five precepts).

No killing: Do not kill any living.
No stealing: Do not steal anything.
No sex: Do not indulge in sex.
No lying: Do not lie.
No alcohol: Do not take alcohol beverages.

Inside observation

Meditation is the practice of self-observation. Dojo needs to keep the atmosphere suited for the practice.

During the meditation (night practice, day practice and evening practice) keep silence, avoid conversation with others including eye-contact or body language.  Make sure of not to disturb the practice of others.

A document will be distributed at the end of the day. Read it before the day ends.

Counselling with the instructor Solve your questions or problems related to the meditation by counselling with the instructor.
You can ask him in the dojo during the evening break (18:00 ~ 19:00). Or, set up the private counselling time with him.
The purpose of the counselling is clear your actual meditation problems. Achievement of the Vipassana meditation are only gained by your actual practices.  During the retreat there is nothing but practice.
Alcohol and drugs are prohibited
Alcohol drinking is not allowed druing the retreat. Do not bring in any alcoholic beverages and drugs. Doctor's prescribed medicines such as tranquilizer, antihypertensive, sleeping drug are not in the rule. But report what you are taking to the instructor.
Smoking is not allowed druing the practice, 6:00 ~ 21:00.
Non smoking all the time inside the temple.
Contact the outside

During the meditation practice (night practice, day practice and evening practice) telephoning, shopping, visitation, or receiving a guest are not allowed.
If you have to leave the temple, report to the instructor.
In case of emergency, report to the instructor.

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