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Guidance to Koyasan Meditation Retreat

Date Schedule

Announced in
Partial participation and commuting permitted. (1,000 yen per sitting)
You can do it by just one person. Please contact us.


Seiryo-in Temple, Koyasan
Koyasan 637, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama 648-0211, Japan


Private rooms: Six 4-and-half-tatami rooms
One 6-and-4-tatami room


Group rooms: Carpeted 30-tatami room, Carpeted 20-tatami room(Men and women separated)

Bathing: Two (men and women separated)
Toilets: Western style and Japanese
Other equipment: washer, kitchen (refrigerator, cooking range, gas range, rice cooker, hot pot, dishes)
Fee 7,000 yen for the private room per person, per day
6,000 yen for the group room per person, per day
Daily Time schedule 5:30

Getting Up
Breakfast and rest
Daily chore
(i.e. cleaning)
Lunch and rest


Worshipping Tour
(Garan sanctuary, Okunoin mausoleum, etc.)**
Meditation *
Dinner and rest (Q and R)
Group Program
(Free participation)
Free Time
(Bathing, Laundry, etc.)
* Required to attend in the main hall
** There will be instructions for the 13:00 ~ 16:00 schedule.

Basically self cooking.
Recommended for each own good balanced vegetarian food for the meditations.
Fasting are prohibited.
Eating outside the schedule is not recommended.
Tea and snack are permitted during the break times and after 21:00

If you have doctor's food instructions, have allergies, or other health reasons why cannot follow the meal rules, let the instructor know in advance.
Clothing Simple and comfortable ones are recommended. Please prepare with the ones suited for the weather. Avoid see-through clothes or exposing (tank top, short pants, spats, and such).
Sun tuning or body exposing is not acceptable.
Please do not disturb other participants practices.
Washing and Bathing Coin laundry and two bathes are in the building.
Please wash your clothes and bathe during your free time.

Bodhi-Tree is run by participant's donations.
You can make donations any time of the retreat. Donation is a wholesome act for your good. If you need receipt, let us know.

Make donations according to your capabilities and feeling in order for you to share your appreciation from the retreat with others and for the leader to continue the teaching and sharing.
Inquiries We'd like to hear your opinions, impressions, questions and requests. We'll respond to your inquiries.
Let us know if you are interested in our lecture dates and events.

Make the application by e-mail, blog or telephone with your name, address, telephone number, your participating dates and accommodating dates.
We'll contact you later. If the application is too many, your request may not be served.

Participants can stay in the temple starting day before the camp. They must inform of the schedule beforehand to the instructor.

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